In partnership with some of the most notable brands out there on the market, Crazure aims to provide you with only the highest quality of PCs imaginable. Established since 2000, Crazure has strived only for excellence in this rapidly changing PC industry, coming out ahead of other notable companies in terms of our perfection and design of the fundementals comprising our computers. Please do enjoy your visit here at our official website, and feel free to comment or ask for help at our dedicated forum page.
As always, stay CRAZy and ahead of the game.

- Ezra Teo (CEO & Founder)

About Us:

Crazure PC Builds was founded on the small Island of Singapore in the Year 2000, producing only a handful of carefully constructed PCs to be sold on the market. After being noticed and appraised by numerous hardcore gaming and tech enthusiasts from across the country - notably for our notoriously superior build quality despite being such a small company, we quickly gained recognition among the masses, forming the foundation of what we are today. Our company consists of gamers and engineers alike, all with the common goal of building the best PCs possible to suit our clients' needs.

Where we are located:

58 Bendemeer Street | Block 5 | Units 1-7 |